Cut lower frequency to help my bookshelf speakers

Dear All,

I try to open a new topic… which i did not find in the previous discussion so maybe is new to the most

 I have a 2 channels system which i want to improve with a minidsp or eq

the question in short is the following:

i love my dynaudio special 25 speakers but often i feel the need to have a better punch on the bass frequency

so i tried to add a couple of svs 1000 pro subs… with excellent results

point is that when i turn up the volume too much i feel the dynaudio midwoofer cone rattle when hit the lower frequency (actually the coil reaches the end of the air gap into the magnet)

so im thinking to add a dsp or eq to cut the lower frequencies before they reach the dynaudio

i have a pre audio research LS2 + amp mark levinson 23.5….. the idea is to add the dsp or eq in the middle and have the following configuration:

  1. connect the minidsp or eq. to the first rca out of the audio research (fortunately i have 2 rca and 2 din outputs) and then to the mark levinson …. in this way i could to cut all the bass frequency under 50 or 60 hz and have the levinson handle  the dynaudio 

  1. connect the 2 subs to the second rca out of the audio research and use the svs internal dsp with iphone app to calibrate them

Hope is clear… What do you think?

Better a miniDSP 2X4 or a Schiit loki mino+

Or anything else?

tks alot for any help or useful hint, best


1) The SVS 1000pro does not have a high pass filter. The app is only for the sub, no output to your main speaker amplifier.
2) A high pass 12dB/octave slope set at 80Hz. will yield 1/16th power to your Dyna’s at 40Hz., that’s 0.0625 times the power at 80Hz. which should yield much better sound from the Dyna’s bass region.
3) Node2 only has a 3.5 mm analog or optical inputs. This is only good for device like a smartphone or something with an optical input as a source. Not needed for what you’re trying to accomplish.
4) Maybe the Schiit loki mino, that if it has adjustable frequency bands. Didn't look like it has adjustable slopes. You want a high pass filter with an adjustable filter frequency (80-100Hz.) to connect between your Audio Research outputs and the Mark Levinson inputs. I believe XLR’s would be your preferred choice, but RCA’s would work too.
5) Insert the "chosen device in #4" between AR and ML. Set high pass filter for 80 or 100Hz.
6) Adjust the SVS 1000 low pass filter to 80 or 100Hz. depending on your frequency choice in #5. You can try different slopes, for the sub 12dB up to 24dB/octave, start with 12dB/octave.
Maybe someone else can give a good suggestion for a variable high pass filter with XLR's?

so im thinking to add a dsp or eq to cut the lower frequncies before they reach the dynaudio

More electronics just sterilizes the sound, just plug up the port on the 25’s to raise it’s bass roll off an octave and drive it direct from the amp, and bring in the SVS up higher.
Experiment with the SVS’s phase setting so it sound is loudest at the xover point then adjust the level so you just detect it when it’s needed.

Cheers George
<<Maybe someone else can give a good suggestion for a variable high pass filter with XLR's?>>
Marchand makes one, but it's around $1200..
the SVS rca out i think is not filtered and, even if yes, would imply a double conversion ad\da which could bring some quality degradation

I emailed the bluesound and they replied:

when the sub out is on, the crossover cut is done by the internal DSP before the D\A conversion, this is a good news as it means that there are no risks of quality degradation 
then is possible to move the cut from 40 to 200 hz, large flexibility to make some test

the cut slope is 12db, which is acceptable i guess

So, Im not experimenting this setup (sub out to Subs and main rca out to the audio research) with frequency cuts of 40\50\60 with good results... of course i will test also more cuts in time
In this way, no additional devices in the between pre and amp... and no double conversion ad\da .... 

Then, of course i know that if i really want to make a giant step then i should buy floorstand speakers... maybe i will...