Customer Service by Alon

I bought two pairs of Petite minimonitors about 5 years ago. They are fantastic for my purposes in a multiroom set up, but one morning I turned on the system and one of the kitchen tweeters was silent. I knew the model had been discontinued and was worried that there would be no replacement available, at any price. I have heard a lot of $1000 monitors, and the Petite kills em all in my opinion, so I was not looking forward to replacing them with something new. I called the dealer, who called Acarian, who said they would rebuild the tweeter under warranty. A couple of weeks later, I have my speaker back. It's sounding perfect, and for NO CHARGE. You can't put a price on that level of service. Kudos.
As an Alon owner who has upgraded a couple of times, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. The Marchisotto's (owners, Carl and Marilyn) have always been very responsive and easy to work with. They seem genuinely interested in seeing that their products perform as intended, and that their customers are satisfied.
Good news and the kind of service audiophiles should be grateful for. Companies providing the level of service that Alon has in your situation should be recognized (and rewarded) for their excellence.