Customer Service

We are so quick to identify receiving poor customer service from high-end companies, that I just wanted to post my positive experience with Bryston. I've been in this hobby for 20 plus years. I've owned several Wilson Audio speakers, Parasound, PS Audio, and a few others. Let me just say emphatically that Bryston has the best customer service that I've ever experienced. I recently purchased a BDP-2 and had a few questions. I was put in contact with Gary Dayton of Bryston and he has gone above and beyond what I expected. I talked to him several times and he volunteered to help resolve an issue way after hours. This is what all companies should strive for...the bonus is the BDP-2 sounds fantastic!
+1 Bryston!
There are other good companies out there also.
Steve McCormack is another great one.
Right On! Ricred1-

it is important that we post all experiences, positive & negative, when dealing w/ these companies. The way I view it, the gear costs far too much to not receive outstanding customer service after the sell. Pass labs seems to excel as well. Happy Listening! JA
20 year warranty doesn't hurt either
John Tucker of Exemplar Audio also belongs on this list. My experience with him has been outstanding.
PS Audio. Had problem with PWD Dac II (which may have been fault of IC) but they were as responsive, pleasant and accommodating as one could wish for. They were so nice I upgraded to DSD and have been happier ever since. Kudos.

Dan Wright of Modwright; Ty Of Tyler Acoustics; Mark at Silnote Audio
Bryston, Pass Labs, PS Audio are the best I have ever encountered.
How a company treats a customer AFTER the sale, (or when things go wrong) is what impresses me.
My recent ongoing repair with Cary Audio has left me unimpressed. So many excuses...
Opposite of your question... Musical Fidelity has absolutely awful customer service. So bad that I'm leary of buying any electronics from over seas anymore.
Through the years, I sent to Parasound in California many of my CDP-2000 Ultras, and they have been great..reasonable rates, quick turnarround and easy to talk to on the phone.
Benchmark. A few years ago I sent my still under warranty DAC1 to them to replace a scratchy volume control. Shipped it UPS ground (240 miles) on Tuesday. They received it on Wednesday, fixed it, and shipped it out. I received it on Thursday. Unbelievable!
I have received great support from Conrad Johnson, Quicksilver, Magnum Dynalab , and NAD

NAD really stepped up to the plate, despite what others may say about them, they went above and beyond.
Of course Gary used to work for the real Thiel. He carried on the excellent customer service of his predecessor Shari.
The real Thiel offered the best customer service I've ever received from any manufacturer of any kind.
Patrick Bresnahan of krell is first class!, the total service department never failed to complete a major problem, even on their cost, and shipping, diligent to the componet was complete, cheers to krell!
I had great experiences with Vinnie rossi of redwine audio.
I have had great support from Classe, and Wilson Audio. Same type of situation when needing a particular question answered when I have called in the past. Most of the "well established high end companies" that care about their products do the same.
Let me add a very special "Bravo !" to Mark and Nick at Rogue Audio. Fantastic service, advice, and guidance whenever needed. Rogue Audio is a pleasure to deal with.
Very positive experiences with these folks. They know what customer-friendly means.

Mike Morrow and Bill Harris at Morrow Audio - very impressed with their responsiveness in my most recent dealings with them.

Paul Laudati at Clear Day Cables

Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound