Customer service?

Wow, I just got off the phone with Shari from Thiel what a special treat! I purchased a pair of speakers new in 1988 with a 10 year warranty. Lately I noticed a periodic buzz coming from one of the woofers, where the dust cap meets the cone. Only at loud volumes and only at certain frequencies.
My call was politely and promptly answered and promptly directed to the appropriate person. I explained the above and was told it might be a manufactureing defect in the laminate,as such a new one would be sent out today. Shari asked that I return the old one, and if it was in fact a defect ther would be no charge! My warranty ran out 4 years ago! I am so completely impressed with the way Thiel handled this. If only this kind of support was the model for others. I will always keep this manufacturers response first in my mind for future purchases and recommendations. Bravo, Thiel.
Yes I too have had excellent service from Thiel as well as Conrad Johnson both of these manufactures IMO represent the standard by which others should strive for.

Thanks, Chuck
Chuck, FYI I use C-J too.
Following Unsound's repeats, I declare I'm impressed. Only similar experience here (in Europe) has been with Symphonic Line. Replacements (full circuit boards, matched) sent at the price of transportation (guarantee expired of course).
Good for you Unsound!
I had a similar positive experience with Thiel when I overtorqued a speaker wire connection nut and broke the post. They sent me out a replacement promptly, including silver solder!
Ditto. I've had wonderful service from Thiel. Absolutely top notch! I'm pretty sure I dealt with Shari too -- they better hold onto her!
good job Thiel...I do not own any of their speakers, but that kind of customer service is worth recognition.
We have had to get replacement boxes and manuals from Thiel (via Shari).
Yes, their customer service is very good (and very fast). Note: We are not a Thiel dealer.
Ditto. I have blown a driver on both a MCS1 center channel and a CS6 and was promptly sent a replacement. Thiel does set the standard in customer service. Try getting that type of service from Krell or some of the other "upper end" companies.
I also have had very fine service from Conrad-johnson. They really stand behind their products!
Wait a minute, first I have my faith in the free enterprise system restored, then a "DEALER" actually compliments the manufacturer of a line he doesn't carry! What's going on here, is this a dream? I usually don't have high regard for dealers, but you Brian, are a gentleman (at least for today). Kudos!
Sunfire was also very good. I purchased a Theater Grand II from a grey market dealer who claimed to be an authorized dealer. When I got my preamp, there was no warranty card so I called Sunfire. They were kind enough to replace it and give me a full two year warranty from when they replaced it. You can be sure I'll be buying from them again.

SHARI of THIEL is with out a doubt the best customer service rep I have ever come across. I'm not limiting my opinion to Hi Fi companies, I mean any and all companies. After my last experience I noticed improvements. Improvements that also exposed other problems. I called Shari at Thiel again. Shari offered to send me new replacement parts just like I described at the begining of this thread. Enough piddling around. I asked about sending back to the factory for a complete overhaul. Shari said she would call me back with estimates. First thing next morning I recieved the call with shipping estimates from UPS, Fed Ex and get this their prefered freight trucking service. Shari offered to have them sent round trip through their discount corporate account via this freight trucking service. This ended up costing half of what the alternatives would have. I recieved a call a few days after I sent them, saying that the woofer would be replaced under warranty (thats 2 drivers for a pair of speakers that have been out of warranty for 4 YEARS). I asked about having the cabinets redone, their cabinet guy said that he would be happy to do it for a nominal charge but didn't think it necessary. I asked about optional (extra charge) grill cloths. They suggested that the color I was interested in didn't quite work well with my particular finish and made alterantive suggestions. We finally decided that the original colors (least expensive) would work best in my case. They also offered some other courtesies that they asked me not to share, as they would do them as often as they could but couldn't afford to make a policy of. I will respect that. Shari was very patient with all my inquiries regarding the equipment that was used to develop my speakers and offered recommendations for associated gear. While Shari was polite enough not to denegrate any one elses stuff ther was no diplomatic waffling here. With in a couple of days I recieved a call saying my speakers were sent out, and I could expect them the next day. Mind you I had not given them 1 red cent yet! Well, they came back almost like new. Shari and Thiel did their very best to return my speakers in as close to perfect condition in the least amount of time for the least amount of money possible. This was done in the most friendly, prompt and professional manner imaginable. This level of service was beyond any reasonable expectation. I will always give Thiel a final audition and special consideration that goes beyond mere product performance (the very reason I bought Thiel's products in the first place) before making any buying decisions in the future. Thank you Thiel! Thank you Shari!
I have a CJ pv7 that I bought 10 years ago, totally trouble free the whole time.
I did call CJ for a manual and advice several years ago and actually was helped by one of the owners.
So I have to say that they are pretty hard to beat.
Spectral service is absolutely first rate. Even for products that are 15 years old like my DMA200 and DMC10. Service for me is also high in my consideration for purchasing new audio equipment. What is the purpose of a great sounding piece when it does not work half the time??Or worse, the company goes out of business. Another thing is if you have to send it overseas to get repaired, what a nightmare that would be.

Have you noticed in audio reviews in the mags that lately about half the time during the review, they have to get the piece of equipment repaired, or have to be sent a new unit (ie the Ayre CX-7 CD player).