Customer Product Reviews on Web-Based Retailers

So I’ve bought several things from Music Direct and Audio Advisor and had great experiences from most products and certainly positive results regarding customer service. 

However some of the things I bought were not great products, either of low build quality or did not provide the benefits they proclaimed. I posted fair and honest reviews to that effect of these products and they always get deleted.... my 5-star reviews of other products however always get posted. 

Further looking reveals that all the products on these sites either have zero reviews or a few positive reviews. It’s disappointing that these sites cannot be an honest exchange of experiences with the products they sell. It certainly discourages me from posting reviews at all. 

And I guess, buyer beware of any products with zero reviews.  That being said, they do offer satisfaction guarantees and these retailers definitely stand behind them. 

What do do you think?
This is the reason I don't trust Yelp! reviews either for restaurants.  They are inherently unreliable and easily manipulated.  I'd rather read an article from an author I trust..including those in this very forum are far more credible than some retailer-promoted, cherry-picked "customer review".
It’s like car reviews/commercials on TV. People are happy with their cars if the headlights look cool, the truck looks manly, and they can fiddle with the infotainment system as they crash and kill someone. Oh, and those JD Powers awards go a long way towards a true evaluation of how good a car is. 👍

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Most people don't leave bad reviews for a few reasons.  You buy the product, it sucks, breaks or doesn't meet your expectations so you either sell it, return it or Bin it.  You move on and it's not worth the effort to review it.  Or, you leave a bad review and get attached online (flamed).  Again, not worth the effort and aggravation.  Remember, most people identify with the Brands/items they purchase, especially large purchases such as cars, boats, watches, turntables, amps, etc.  

On a side note, after a particularly frustrating day many years ago at the local Honda Dealership, I exclaimed "This %^&$ing Honda sucks!" and got punched in the head and had my arm closed in the car door of said Honda by a Salesman.  So, no more impromptu reviews in the parking lot for me............