Custom Window Sound Blockers

I was today years old when I realized they made press-in sound blocking solutions for windows.  I have never heard them so I need a well-heeled guinea pig from A'gon to please try them out and report back.



This is a very expensive product unfortunately and further there is noise coming through the walls so just blocking the windows doesn’t solve the problem.

Curtains are a great choice but its a real pain to install since you have to remove what you had there to begin with.

Landscaper Leaf blowers are an absolute nightmare as they continuously create noise throughout the summer. Absolutely horrifying. You can’t even walk outside and hold a conversation anymore it’s horrible

Recently while visiting a family member in the hospital I noticed the curtain between the two beds was some sort of really effective sound blocking fabric. It also absorbed conversation on the side we were on which felt strange. It killed practically all reflected sound even with a wall of windows right there.

John Darko just put up a video about curtains that were supposed to absorb sound and his experience with them.... 

@jumia I can't understand why these creeps are tolerated. I'm amazed there hasn't been reports of an escalation involving weapons. 

Landscaper Leaf blowers are an absolute nightmare