custom tube amp builder who has excellent skills

Anyone know who has excellent craftmanship. I'm looking for someone whose beautiful hard wiring and chassis work. Thanks
J a d i s
You can chek out Min's work at Tube Audio Lab
Syntax, I looking for a builder who is willing to do custom work for me.
Thanks Sebrof. I need someone who can do top shelf custom chassis work.
Can build you almost anything you'd like - what did you have in mind ?


Custom Shop
Deja Vu Audio amazing gear and super nice people.
Check out Fred Volz at Emotive Audio. He does custom work that is both nice looking and sounds great.

With Deja Vu Audio, sound is the entire priority, but, who knows, you might like the looks too. Deja Vu has some very retro looking gear (made with old parts and chassis) built in Italy. The designs are basically based on old Western Electric topologies, and the parts are also Western Electric and other ancient stuff.
Peter, you do custom tube amp work? Do you have any examples on your site?
Thanks Larryi and Jond for the recommendations. I will check them out.

I do custom work on many things, latest thing i did was a custom turntable, check my system here for pictures of it.

If I was to build you a tube amp I would assume that you already have a schematic and some parts picked out that you'd want to employ. I have built a few tubed products but I'm a lot more versed in Solid State.

You'd have to understand that a one off project will not be inexpensive but since you are asking for custom I'm sure your aware of that.



PS I'm posting an ad later for a pair of 15W SET amplifiers I built many years ago , here you can get an idea of what we can do with tubes. Reminds me I have all the parts sitting on the shelf for a pair of 200W KT88 mono blocks I need to get started on one of these days :-)
Thanks Peter. I will contact you if I can't find someone near me.
I understand the appeal of having a custom, possibly one-of-a-kind piece of gear, from the standpoint of exclusivity. But, from the stand point of performance, what in your opinion would the advantages of commissioning a custom piece? I am not criticizing, this is an honest question. There are so any fine amps out there with a proven track record. Unless you have special electrical requirements due to the speakers to be driven, or special physical size requirements, what exactly are you looking for that is not available in a commercially produced product? Thanks.
I get have exactly what I want in my amp...resistors, capacitors, hookup wire, custom transformers, tube sockets, chassis design, connectors, etc. It is based on amp I already own and love, but taken to the extreme. I'm not doing this without guidance because I have the designer himself involved in this project. I can get the amp of my dream at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent commercial product. Every commercial product I've seen, unless you are willing to spend over $80K+ is a product of compromise. Even in some of these products, you have to wonder where the money was spent.