Custom TT Belt

A few months ago, I decided to replace the turntable belt on my Well Tempered table. It was due. Over the years that I've owned this table, I've discovered that it needs a replacement belt about every three years or sooner.

When I was researching a source for a new belt on the Net, I discovered the Originlive folks in Great Britain. In addition to plenty of other goodies intended for us analog dweebs, they sell custom belts for a variety of turntables. I decided to give them a try.

After I measured my current belt I made the order. The first one was lost in the mail ... no fault of the Originlive folks. They had me wait a couple of weeks just to see if somehow the original order showed up, which it did not. They stood by their good name and sent me another belt, no questions asked.

When I received the belt, I invited my friend Robert (Mr. Golden Ears) over for a listening session.

Right off the bat, there was a marked improvement in the overall sound. Same as I've experienced every time I've replaced a worn belt on the WWTT. What was to come was a revelation.

As we listened from record to record the belt continued to improve. The belt was breaking in fer gawd sakes! Over the period of a couple of hours, the focus just snapped into place and the three dimensionality was better than ever before. What really got my attention though, was the improvement in tone accuracy ... and that's a big one for me.

Here's their site:

If you have a belt driven TT, this is a MUST.

Happy listening ...

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Origin Live has been around for quite awhile. They do indeed offer some great stuff. I've owned many of their products.

Highly recommended.
Unfortunately my Nottingham Dais uses a round drive belt and Origin Live only offers flat belts. I'm a big fan of their products though, since I currently run their top of the line Enterprise-C tonearm and it is absolutely superb!
You are right, a good company. My belts were lost in the mail too, and they replaced without a quibble.
Two belts lost in the Brit mail? Wow! I can hardly wait for socialized medicine.
I may have to give this a try, I have used the OL platter mat (on billet platters) with great success.
Well Oregon, it left the UK promptly, but got lost on this side of the Atlantic. As for socialized medicine, you might want to experience it before you criticize. Think federal government coverage for everybody, and you have a good idea.