Custom tonearm boards - who makes them to spec?

I have a TTweights turntable which uses an arm pod and thinking of having a new tonearm board made (to specification).

The current board is made of Delrin, and it’d be interesting to potentially try other materials while at it.

Anyone have any experiences and know who may be able to help with this?

Thank You and have an awesome one!
My local machine shop works with me/my crazy ideas and they have been great. They’ll work with most materials. One benefit is all of their work is saved in a computer folder for easy reference. Another advantage is it's local. I've developed a relationship with them and that is important as well.
Thanks, everyone for your input.

bdp24 - Thank You, this is what I was hoping for. Found them online and will contact them when the time comes.
Normally I would suggest the TT manufacturer but I understand TTWeights was sold off to another company(?) They might be the ones to contact.

I would also suggest avoiding Delrin if the arm board is cantilevered. It’s nowhere near strong enough (even the thickest piece can warp) so my advice would be to choose metal alloy.
The alloy can also be threaded which is a big advantage. ;)
Hope this helps...
FWIW: I built a prototype out-board motor enclosure out of birch ply for my upcoming knock-off of a VPI DIY tt. After 2 years of testing I had my local machine shop make the top plate out of 6061 aluminum with pretty intricate details. They even had to make their own custom bit in order to make the finished radius on the top of the plate edge. BTW, they let me supply my own material which was a savings.

When I went to pick it up, I almost went to tears because, in my mind, it was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect!