custom speaker socks? anyone?

Anyone know where to get custom speaker socks made? My old acoustats are looking really ragged. i actually found a place that makes socks for these speakers but dont have the color i want. just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this. Do i need to make sure i get a certain type of speaker fabric? can i buy this somewhere and then take it to my local upholstererererer?
as always, thanks in advance.
Hi, Kublakahn: I had some older Acoustats 12 years ago, and tried a DIY fix using fabric from an upholstery shop. Did NOT sound good, so I got a bolt of material that was suitable for speaker grills and had a friend with an commercial sewing machine stitch them together. This time, it was acoustically OK, but not the best looking. My best suggestion is to contact a large high-end home theater dealer who might have large pieces of grill cloth that they use to make custom speaker enclosures. The other idea is to call Richard Vandersteen at Vandersteen Audio and ask him where he sources the fabric for the "socks" on his speakers. Richard is fine guy and would probably be willing to give you some advice (even if you don't own Vandy speakers).
Excellent suggestions. I actually should pass this info on to those interested: there IS a place called 'the upholstery co.' in arizona (888-9948273) that has cloth for the acoustats - viritually identical to the original and they have all the measurements - you just tell them which model you have and shazzam. but i wasn't crazy about the colors. (camel, beige, charcoal, silver, wine, black) - what ever happened to brown? thank god these speakers were early 80s and not mid to late or maybe the only color would be that teal green (no offense to the 3 or 4 people who bought the land rover discovery in that color a few years back - what was THAT all about??).
thanks sd, i'll get on that asap! good one.