Custom speaker grilles - wife acceptability factor

Has anyone heard of the possibility of getting very high quality/ transparent sounding speaker grilles in lieu of the standard ones (Watt Puppies in this case). The black grilles displease my wife...and the units themselves come in many gorgeous colors (mine is silver), but all you can see are the black speaker grilles that dominate the front.
I have found that a thin, stretchy, double-knit fabric is quite suitable for grill material, and can be found in many colors, and even prints, at the sewing stores. No grill cloth is going to be perfect, and this is pretty much what most makers use anyway, even if they tell you it is some kind of over-engineered acoustically transparent material from the Crab Nebula.

They probably go down to Cloth World, and buy some bulk rolls of double knit nylon or polyester, and stretch it over the frames and staple/glue it on.

I've made alot of DIY speakers in my day, and have never found this material to be problematic to my sound quality.

Find a color or print she likes and remove your old cloth and stretch this new stuff over the frames, nice and tight.

Problem solved.
Great Idea
Blindfold your wife.
Hey Slappy, once again, good to have you back.

Screens help, and the double knit fabric idea is a good one. Involve the wife. Nobody (no woman!) likes to be kept out of the loop, especially when it comes to her living room.