Custom Signal Cable vs. REL Stock Neutrik Speakon?

Just install the REL Strata II and realized how flimsy the stock Neutrik Speakon is. Wonder if any one of you have tried the custom Signal Speakon Cable (or others that can connect with a REL) from here and if it is worth the investment, i.e. significant improvement over the stock cable.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
According to REL. the signal is of such low amplitude that big wire won't make any difference. I have to Storm III's and they sound just wonderful.
Michael, thanks for the response. But have you tried A/B between the stock cable and aftermarket ones? I'm interested in actual comparison and see if sonically, there is any difference. On paper, I agree with you. But you know how these things are. Measurement is one thing, but actual critical listening is another.

Any advice, anybody?
I bought an upgraded speakon cable for my REL Storm III because the original cable developed a loud buzz. The replacement cable has never malfunctioned and I thought improved the bass definition as well.