Custom Rack Stand

Does anyone know of someone who can make a custom 2 shelve stand? I need it large enought to accommodate a PS Audio P600 on the bottom and a large amplifier(may purchase a Audio Research VT-100 or similar size) on top. I have contacted a couple of the name brands and the cost is outside my budget. Thanks for any help.
What's the budget?
Looking at 300.00 or less.
Why don't you just build your own ? Everything that you need can be found at Home Depot, Builders Square, Menard's, etc... You can build it to whatever size / shape that you require and apply the finish of your choice. A little bit of elbow grease and time would probably net you something that was better than what you could buy and for a LOT less money. Sean
They are outside your budget for a reason. $300 will not buy you anything that you'll be happy with. Enjoy your stuff and save just a little more. You will be able to purchase a brand new rack support system, (two level) for around $600 that'll do it for you. Sistrum Platforms do it for me. Go to their website or call Robert at He'll turn you on to something you can look forward to. This is not a handyman specialty thing you want to mess with. There's a helleva lot of physics/science and materials, that goes into a rack system, that you're not going to get at Home Depot.
Look sistrum racks from star sound. You can check them out a They are excellent sound enhancing additions to a system.