Custom Power Cord Company

I was considering purchasing a few power cords from "Custom Power Cord Company," (CPCC) and was wondering if anyone has either suggestions or comments which could guide me.



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Hi Paul I have experience with CPC's line of shielded & integral-filtered AC cords. These are designed for use direct-to-line with no added line conditoner. I first had the fairly popular Model 11; a nice fullbodied cord for not a lot of money, a bit lacking in detail & resolution however. Worked well on a McCormack DNA1 amp.
I was driving that amp with a McCormack TLC1Deluxe pre. The Model 11 sounded good on that pre, although it is considerably transparent & I felt it had more to offer. So I tried the Custom Power Top Gun, a source-component cord. That did a better job, although hf detail was still a bit lacking I thought. I talked with David Blair the designer, who made me a custom cord with reduced filtering; you'll see one of these around from time-to-time; called the Top Gun Special. That worked better; nice full-bodied & warm yet still plenty detailed.
When the Top Gun HCFI came out I ordered one for the amp, which I'd since upgraded to a McCormack DNA1 Deluxe. The HCFI worked very nicely on that amp as well as on other mosfet amps such as Perreaux. I still have both of those cords on hand in my collection, although I've since changed equipment again which required different voicing.