Custom power cables for powered speakers

Anyone have a source for custom-length power cables for powered speakers? I need an IEC connector on one end and a three-prong US plug on the other. White would be ideal, and right-angle plugs on both ends would be a plus.
Who is BLE? I don't see them..

Geez, why not just buy a right angle adapter and be done with it.
Even Audioquest says it doesn't affect sound quality as it is a metal on metal connection.

I say put up a tesla coil and let it arc 3 feet or so.. What the heck right..
Couple peyote buttons, your off and running.. LOL

Of course good construction makes a difference.  Just like OK construction will sound, OK... No good or better, OK..

You get what you do research on.  The more research, the better the choice. A heavy construction will be part of it though..
It won't be a 10.00 dollar rubber cable though.. LOL, Just saying..

I needed a 10ft cable for my powered monitors got a good deal on monoprice. $10