Custom power cables for powered speakers

Anyone have a source for custom-length power cables for powered speakers? I need an IEC connector on one end and a three-prong US plug on the other. White would be ideal, and right-angle plugs on both ends would be a plus.

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Who is BLE? I don't see them..

Right angle plugs are kinda weird. I've never tried one. The best and least expensive plugs are straight. You can build support into the cable. Very thick faceplates (for plug support) and armor over spring over cable for EXTRA heavy cable support on the speaker end.

What is the max AMP draw per plate? What do you want it made out of?
Copper, copper/silver ? Better materials cost more.. BUT don't get ripped off... I can see this going through the roof, or NOT. :-)

I say put up a tesla coil and let it arc 3 feet or so.. What the heck right..
Couple peyote buttons, your off and running.. LOL

Of course good construction makes a difference.  Just like OK construction will sound, OK... No good or better, OK..

You get what you do research on.  The more research, the better the choice. A heavy construction will be part of it though..
It won't be a 10.00 dollar rubber cable though.. LOL, Just saying..