Custom Made Electronics, To Your Specifications

Recently I was remembering my excitement when buying my first Hafler amplifier in kit form, in order to save a few bucks when my only source of income was delivering papers. At that time, I believe "Heathkit" also sold electronic kits.

If I can ever find the time, I would like to try my hand at a bit of soldering and also have some small electronic projects where I can't find the components I need.

Could any of you who are more do it yourself talented and inclined please recommend some links to supply houses

for custom electronics?
Or electronic parts and components?
OEM aluminum chassis makers?

Or anything that might appeal to the obsessive audiophile?

Hey, some guys like to play golf on Saturdays, but I would like to tinker around with some electronics.


Look at
This should keep you busy for a little while. My passion is SET amps so this biased in that direction. works for my basic needs
Lots of links

Easy and successful project

Expensive but high quality

Great boxes

Parts and partly assembled
Speaking of SET amps: I have an Audion Sterling Premier amp which I absolutely love, but would be interesed in any modifications (other than tubes. I presently use KR KT88s) that can be done to raise the sound to another level. This is not only my first go-around with SET, but with tubes, as well. thanks in advance, warren :)
Herman and Ngjockey, thanks for the fantastic links.

Cwlondon, thanks for posting this thread too !
Yes, thank you! This will be FUN.

Further to my other post on the classic ergonomics of recording studio gear, does anyone know of any other links to switches, lights, VU meters etc?

Thanks again for great links.

Do a Google on VU meter suppliers, there's a company near the top called
www., and a few other places below that.