custom made dustcover for Nottingham Spacedeck


I need a dust cover
a plastic cover 19 by 16 by 12 high for my Nottingham Spacedeck

any suggestions

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I imagine that Gingko Audio will make a custom version for you in their nice clear acrylic. You should contact Audiogon member Vtvu if interested.
Vinh Vu at Gingko Audio is an excellent craftsman of dust covers. He makes a dust cover for the Nottingham Spacedeck for $249. It is listed on his web site:

The dimensions are listed as 19.5 x 15.75 x 9 inches. If this is not tall enough, he can probably make you a custom version. I recommend his work without reservation.

He is an Audiogon member; his id was "vtvu", but he may have changed it in the last year or so.
I'm sure the previous posters are correct, but plex is not at all difficult to machine with simple woodworking tools. If you don't want to tackle the job, I bet there are several companies in your city/town that can and will do it for you.
I had one custom made at a local plastics shop. Cost me 80.00 and it looks very nice. You might try the phone book to see what's available in your area.

If there is a Tap Plastics or a similar place in your area go there. They made a cover for my Michell Gyro for $115 and it is perfect.
I don't need anything hindged
just a plastic piece to sit around the table
$249 ouch
Member Jsawhitlock has the same table and got his cover for $85.00 from TAP Plastics I believe, look up his system and see what you think, from talking to him and seeing his pics..he loves it and for that little cash you cant go wrong.
I just had a custom 22"x18"x10" clear acrylic cover with rounded front and back top seam and cutouts for cables in back, made for my Clearaudio Master Solution for a grand total of $99.00 CDN. It was done by a local Plastics company and they did an excellent job. Check out your local plastics companies. I can send you a pic if you like ... looks great ... and cheap!
I had the dust cover that has been mentioned above from Vinh Vu at Gingko Audio for the Spacedeck I used to own. It was pricey, but it was worth it to me. It is a very well made dust cover that is very attractive. The dust cover I purchased was not hinged.
I made one out of a silk like material from a fabric store, cut to be draped over the entire turntable. They make a glue like materaial that you put on the cut edges to prevent fraying. I use this on both my Spacedeck and Basis turntables and in fact over about every component I own, works great to keep out dust. Cost about 4.00 per SQ yard. This is a very cost effective alternative.
Tap Plastics is correct as mentioned above and they did a fantastic job and for under a $100. Tap Plastics is in California and they will make and ship what ever you want. I just gave the info to another agoner and he lives on the east coast, Tap is making his cover for his Nottingham and will ship it to him. Forget the TT companies or Ginko unless you want to pay a 200% mark up! Here is there phone number (925) 828-7744 or go to there web site
thanks guys

knew I could count on Audiogon for great detailed options

if you want a beautifully made dust cover, that you will be satisfied with, and will compliment the looks of your table, bite the bullet, and get the Ginko Audio cover, $249 is alot, but it is worth it for the satisfaction you receive. Don't try to skimp, because i really doubt that you will be ultimately satifsfied.
A dust cover doesnt create why spend all that when you can save $160 and use that savings to purchase records?