Custom Made Dust Covers?

Is there any company out there making turntable dust covers to order? Mine is broken and no longer available from the manufacturer.


Contact Vinh Vu at Ginko Audio. I have had two custom made dustcovers and they are beautiful, relatively inexpensive and he is a great guy to work with.
I second Fmpnd's recommendation. Vinh's a member of our audio society and does a really nice job on the dustcovers.
Another happy customer of Vinh. He made a very nice clear cover for my Clearaudio Ref TT. He also perfectly matched the cover of my Versa Dynamics 2 TT with all the dimensions and rounded corners. Excellent quality and value.
Also, check out this thread. Ykk made a beautiful looking cover for his new Teres for only $30 or so.
I'm quite happy with the turntable dustcover Vu made for me, and I'd like to add my recommendation to the others'. His Audiogon member ID is "vtvu."
I appreciate the positive feedback from all. Please visit our website (it is spelled gingko with a g before the k) to see what we do. We have many models to fit popular TTs and also make custom covers for any TT. We have dealers all around the country.
Vinh Vu
Gingko Audio
Another vote of confidence for Vinh Vu and Gingko Audio...Excellent products and service...
Thanks to all who have provided the needed information so quickly. This place has never failed to provide answers to my varied questions.

Thanks again!

Just to add my two cents. I ordered a Gingko TT cover today for my VPI Aries through Bob at Elusive Disc. I experienced some of the best customer service in my life from him and Vinh. They made multiple phone calls to me (and each other) to make sure pricing and measurments were correct, and even tried to work out a shipping deal for me (so I could get the thing sooner).

Anyway............ It's nice to be treated well. Hope the TT cover comes out as well.
Vinh Vu made a beautiful dust cover for my amazon....i am very happy with it and loved the service he gave me. He also made one for a friend of mine's verdier.
all the best....BIBIBI
In the UK, a company called clearcover ( makes dustcovers for all sorts of TTs including off the shelf and customs for high end TTs