Custom jumpers?

Are the stock gold jumpers for Bi-wirable speakers any good? I was wondering if short runs of high quality speaker wire between the posts would be better? Of course there is the possibility that I'm a complete weenie who thinks about this stuff too much and I should just not worry about this kind of crap!!!
I had better results with a pair of Castle Isis speakers by replacing the gold plated jumpers with short sections of the Kimber speaker cable that I was using at the time. The sound was more open and detailed. I used a bare wire connection for the top and a banana plug for the bottom on the jumpers and a bare wire connection on the bottom for the speaker cable itself (spades would be the same if you don't like bare wire and should be easy to stack). Mapleshade sells jumpers for $20 (I believe) that are made of their more expensive Mikro line cable. Maybe search under "jumpers" as there is some info in past threads on this. If you were careful not to short it out, you could probably use 26 gage solid core silver wire (without any insulation).
If you haven't tried it, you might hook up your cables to the top posts and let your existing jumpers carry the signal to the woofers. That way, any degredation of the signal due to the jumpers will only affect the woofers. Imaging, detail, etc. will be less affected.
Analysis Plus makes good jumpers with bananas that are easy to use with spaded speaker wire. Oliver has them at I have three pair in different systems and instantly noticed the improvement.
Allways use a piece of you speaker wire.Use the same cable so it does not change the sonic signiture of the cable.
IMO: Dekay, Hrcapers, Khaki8, and Leafs each gave correct information. I have tried them and you should too. Select the method that sounds best on your system :-) !
I would give DIY jumpers a try. If you can use the same speaker wire as your long runs try that first.
It has been my experience that custom wire will always perform better. Another tip would be to play around with your speaker wire connections, that is, jumper down or jumper up. I was told by a speaker manufacturer to try jumper down (connect speaker wire to the mid/high connector with the jumper supplying to the bass driver). With my small Aerial that I had at the time, jumper down was better than jumper up. Try it!
I have always thought jumper down is the correct method, I cannot see where the reverse would be better.

For optimum results, get a second set of speaker cables. I used to use two sets in years past and it easily outperformed the jumpers I tried. The jumpers were just some heavy gauge speaker wire, I forget what gauge. (I used Cardas Quadlink for highs and Audio Quest Midnight for lows)

I am currently using jumpers though. They are JPS SC2 jumpers. Another company to consider for jumpers is WBT.
Contact Bobby at Merlin. He will make you a set of jumpers using Cardas (?) wire.