Custom Face Plates?

Has anyone been able to order an amp with a custom face plate? See, I don't want ANY thing written on it AND I want rack handles AND i want it 19" wide. I demand ALL products to adhear to the 19" rack standard! I want all product writing on the back panel only. The front plate only needs power switch, led light, and handles - totally clean. I was thinking about getting a First Watt amp, but don't want any of the writing. Think they would do it?
What, just take off the face and have a polishing dude remove the lettering.
Places that do small job chrome plating (like for motorcycles) will be able to refinish a face plate for $20. or so. They will wire wheel the stuff off, then polish it back to the original finish, or smooth or shiney like a mirror. In fact, Plenty of amps have a thick flat plate,that bolts on via the handles.
just TURN IT OVER and stick the back side out, or have the back side polished. Then if you want to sell it, all you have to do is turn the faceplate back around.
I know all Audio Research face plates with handles are like this.