Custom Audiophile Speaker Builders

Does anyone here prefer custom speaker builds over the big names in the audiophile world?
Let me guess, you build custom speakers? I think you have to tell people about that when you post.
Merlin builds outstanding speakers. 2 man operation..
You have a good eye, Zd!
Yes... Fritz monitors
Yes, Selah Audio, Rick builds excellent speakers.
Yes...Green Mountain Audio
Rodge, good to hear you still have your Shelby+Kroll I'm still working on getting that woofer monitor, sometime soon hopefully
Danny Richie from GR Research also makes some excellent speakers as well but I think he's trying to move in another direction though
Yes...Vapor Audio
Second Vapor. Just brought my pair home a few days ago. Very high end components, a ridiculous level of acoustic engineering and effort goes into the construction and I think they are one of the best looking speakers made.

Amazing sound and huge bang for the buck.
Second vapor
Speaker Art....Bob Gross's two way designs are blindingly good for what he charged. I have yet to find another two way that sound as coherent as his.
2nd Green Mtn Audio.
Time-coherent hence sound like real music. Music thru them is often mistaken as a live band playing in the room....
Been thinking about Eccentric Custom Speakers (ECS) since reading your post, but I don't know why (thought with a Robin Leach accent of course;-).
Bajaed, congratulations! I reviewed the Nimbus White for, and own them.

What speakers did you get? What are you running them with in terms of electronics, if you care to share?
A pair of highly upgraded Breeze, all the bells and whistles. Beautiful sound and appearance.

I'm running them with a Rogue Cronus Magnum. Great combo.