current state of vienna acoustics

I listened to a set of vienna acoustics about 15 years ago and was blown away by the imaging. Looking for opinions of those more knowledgeable and up to date on such things as to weather it would be worth while to start a system around a set of the Beethoven concert grands or is my memory of the experience enhanced over time beyond the reality?
Being a VA owner, I would think you would be well advised to listen to a pair of Beethoven Grands and if you like, build a system around them. Very musical with a fit and finish second to none.

But audition first...15 years ago is a long time to remember exactly what you heard other than to recall you were impressed. Tastes change.
"I listened to a set of vienna acoustics about 15 years ago and was blown away by the imaging."

One thing to keep in mind is that every component is equity important to achieve a good image. If just 1 component isn't matched well to your system, you'll have problems.
I tend to be more simplistic. If you liked the sound f the speakers then it is likely you will like them now as long as the design is the same. Different gear will have some impact on the final sound as will your room vs. The store, but if you liked the sound you will probably like it again. You may find that you like something better when compared.

I was blown away by a set of speakers in college and wasn't about ten years later. I had heard much better at that point.
I have had vienna acoustic mozart grands 3yrs. And I think are excellent speakers. As has been said you want to listen them now and not rely on your memory to much. And if you are trying them out it is good to have somebody that knows how to set them up well and mate good electronics to them.

VA is still an excellent speaker. 15 years is a long time between auditions- you will need to re-visit for a proper evaluation. Keep us posted and happy listening!