Current Production Classic Sounding Tube Amps

I was wondering whether there are any tube amplifiers currently being produced that have the classic tube sound -- characterized by some as dark, colored, and syrupy?

I would like to purchase an amp (or integrated) in current production that has a sound somewhat equivalent to the classic Conrad Johnson sound (e.g. mv-55 or cav-50). I have a Rouge Stereo 90 which I like very much and have no intentions of parting with, but it does not have the classic tube sound that I believe would be great for acoustic jazz.
I just heard the ARC VS 100 and it sounded tubey with a capitol T...all of the deep, rich sound associated with tubes was there. It was hooked up to Spendor S8's, ARC pre (not sure which), and an Esoteric transport with ARC DAC. It sounded great at low levels.
Have you tried tube rolling?Mullard or Brimar input/drivers might change your sonics.
I used to sell Rogue amps (M120 and 88) and they sounded very much like classic tube amps as did the Rogue preamps. They are certainly on the bloomy and warm side of neutral. ARC, on the other hand, makes perhaps the least vintage or colored sounding tube amps on the market.

I'm not familiar with the Rogue Stereo 90, but unless it's nothing like the other Rogue amps, nothing from ARC would sound nearly as tube-like. I am also an ARC dealer.
Sonnyhill: Are you by chance related to Mrtennis?
I would look for amplifiers using EL34s for output tubes; most amps with these tube are on the euphonic side of neutral (but not all). I'm not sure if this is inherent to the tube, or to the types of circuits a designer uses when they to decide EL34s rather than some other type.
Did not ask, but what type of preamp are you using? That could play a factor in your search for "warmth".
To be entirely honest, there have been few tube amplifiers under the 2k price-point that have perked my ears. This includes Rogue. In this range, I've found that a well designed transistor piece can pull off the same tricks with a few of their own, all the while being consistent and reliable.

With that said, I did get my ears on a little unassuming 15wpc push-pull integrated from Vista Audio called the i84. For under 800 bones, that thing delivers a classic tubey sound all with the benefits of solid state coherency and robustness. Naturally warm, syrupy, slightly rolled off high end, quick and powerful bass and of course, that classic blossomed mid-range. I believe the owner of Vista offers a 60 day trial period. Something to check into..
I am using a CJ PV-10 as a pre-amp, Spendor s5e, Arcam cd-73, and Rega P3.

I am not saying that the Rogue does not have a great tube sound. Prior to the Rogue, I had a Blue Circle CS Integrated in my system, which was also a great amp that I regret parting with. The CS is solid state, but has a harmonic richness that is absent in many solid state amps. When I compared the Rogue to the CS, I could clearly tell the difference that the tubes made -- the sound of the Stereo 90 was even more harmonically rich than the CS and more palpable.

I am considering obtaining some NOS tubes for the Stereo 90 to replace the stock tubes in the 12AX7 and 6SN7 positions. I would be appreciative to hear if anyone has tried new (or NOS) tubes in the Stereo 90 and obtained a noticeable change in its sound signature.

As I said above, I am happy with the Rogue, but just would like to hear a "syrupy" amp in my system. My main listening is acoustic music and I think such an amp would serve such music well. However, they seem to be few and far between these days in terms of models that are still in production.

Rumadian, if the i84 is how you describe it, I might just have to check it out. Otherwise, I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a used mv-55 or cav-50 for sale.
I think your quest is contrary to the current trend in PP tube amps which is warm toward neutral with a better dynamic range and tighter bass. Syrupy is considered a fault these days. I think of "bloom" as the good side of syrupy.

I would suggest a Dynaco ST-70 or the like for the sound you seek with some wattage.

If low power is OK there is always 2A3 or 300b designs with great midrange but rolled off highs and flabby lows.