Current production Adcom amp. - GFA 6002

I’ve been curious of this amp on the Adcom-USA site since I’ve had such good luck with the 555SE model. Recently I acquired some 4 ohm Totem Rainmaker speakers and decided to try out the 6002 since the 555SE is overkill with 300 watts at 4 ohms for the 100 watt speaker.

I just had my second session with the little Adcom in the chain and I’m really impressed! Holographic imaging, detail, dynamic bass, it’s all there. I’m still breaking it in, but out of the box I can’t believe how well it compares to its big brother.

I looked under the hood because I wondered if it was the same design as the bigger amps, and no it isn’t. They went with mosfets instead which they had switched to by the late 90’s for most of their line up. I’d say the 6002 is a touch warmer sounding than the 555SE.

The 6002 is rated at 70 wpc or 100 at 4 ohms. It has the 12 volt trigger as well as the signal sensing turn on option. It also has gain controls for each channel and can also be bridged for 175 watts.

I had the Parasound A21 for a few years, and am wondering if Adcom amps get built at the same Taiwan factory these days. They were formally made in China but that is no longer the case.

Anyway, just a heads up for anyone looking for a decent amp at under 100 wpc. Now that NAD has switched to digital integrated amps, these Adcoms fill The bill for class A/B on a budget, and going by memory are better sounding than the previous Nad BEE series amps with that power drive design that wouldn’t increase power at 4 ohms.
Speaking of which, I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the 6002 or one of the new Adcom amps.  I've only tried them with some easy loads like Totem bookshelf speakers and some Pioneer towers.

Just wondering what the consensus is?