Current processors with HDMI

Can you name a few current production, mid- priced A/V processors with HDMI switching. I don't need a receiver, since I already have MCH power amp (Butler 5150).
I'm currently using NuForce AVP-16.
Just about every current production processor has HDMI switching. What else are you looking for? Blu-ray audio decoding? Video processing? Room correction? Also, what do you consider mid-priced?
Sorry for not providing all these details:
Yes, I do need Blue Ray and 3D, Room correction and video processing. And I would like to stay under $1500 retail.
Integra is one of the choices.

if you want 3D then the new Integra might be the only choice in your price range, or any for that matter, most current pre/pro's are HDMI 1.3a only and many will not pass 3D, some may but it's a crap shoot....