Current pricing for a modded SA7S1

  I have a Marantz SA7S1 with a modification package by Chris Johnson that was sold by Underwood HiFi.  It is a demo model but in good condition.  Anyone have any idea what I should be asking for this?  It was purchased several years ago for $5490 but I am not finding any currently for sale.  Thanks for any feedback!
I have a Marantz SA-11S1 that had the Ultimate Tube mod installed by Chris Johnson of pcX.
I tried to sell it a couple of times over the past few years, but finally gave up and kept it. I still use it as a back up.
The upgrades cost around $3400, but most folks were only willing to pay a couple hundred more than a used stock unit would go for.

Basically, modded units don't have much value on the used market.
This is a generalization, there will always be some exceptions.
Normally though, you will be very lucky to recover 10-20% of the cost of the upgrade.

Good luck.
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