Current McIntosh mc275 Questions

I believe they are on version VI currently around $5700. 

1. How would the current version VI perform vs version V ( a little cheaper used market)?

2. How easy are the 275’s to bias?

3. What tubes do they come with from factory?

4.  General issues with 275’s that many owners have? 


One question answered... the 275 has fixed bias so no adjustments are needed. That’s great
you did not mention the mark IV.  I believe it is the best sounding MC275 other than earlier versions that I have heard.
3. What tubes do they come with from factory?

cant you look that up on the site or on the specifications of the amp?
I checked Audio Classics. They have the IV for $3995.00 and the V for $4495.00.  You could call them and ask about the difference in sound, the steered me out of a component that didn’t sound as good as one for less money. 
I should have been more clear. What BRAND of tubes or who makes them for McIntosh ( JJ, EH, etc)
JJ has been the current supplier of tubes for McIntosh for many years now.  I bought some new McIntosh branded 12ax7 tubes from Audio Classics and was told they are all made by JJ.