Current Linn Lingo vs. older style?

Does any one know the differences between the current Linn Lingo and the older version? what are the sonic differences if any? When was the current model put into production?
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do you realize that the definition of "lingo" is "an unintelligible language." pretty much sez it all, eh. i'd hold out for the lingua. if you don't like the sound of it, at least it could serve as the foundation for a sandwich. -cfb
The main difference is that it now uses surface mount technololgy on the circuit board. It also has a full width Linn chassis. The current model started shipping around the first of January '02.
jenmoor, any difference in sound between new and old lingo?
I haven't personally heard them side by side, but the Linny I work with said he thought it was slightly better-enough so that he bought the new one
I recently bought the new Lingo - and listened to the differences between the old and the new.
The new version is definitely much better: better and deeper bass, more definition, more engaging sound.
After a run-in period of several days these effects have, as with other components like the LK 100, even improved!