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Hi there,

I'm curious to know if anyone would be able to tell me if there is a current draw by my subwoofer from my amp in the following configuration:

integrated amp has only one set of binding posts; no subwoofer line out. I have one set of speaker cables going from the amp's binding posts to my main speakers. I have a SECOND set of speaker cables going from the same binding posts to the subwoofer speaker level inputs.

Does this second set of speaker cable running to my sub put more strain/ current draw on my amp than if I were only running one set of cables to main speakers? in other words, does it change the load on the amp?

Sorry for the slightly confusing post... I'm have a brain meltdown at the moment, which is preventing me from forming proper sentences! ;)

thanks guys (and girls, however few there are on here)
Here's the quick n' dirty answer: No.

Powered subwoofers hooked up in that configuration are merely sharing the signal with your main speakers. They do not draw any current from the amplifier, thus you are not changing the final impedance, lowering the amount of power going to your main speakers, or anything like that.
thank you kindly for your response (and also for keeping it short and sweet)

I didn't THINK that it had any current draw, but i wasn't so sure once I had everything hooked up, as the mains seemed to have 'lost' their bite.

However, after playing around with the subwoofer settings and positioning, I've realized that I had the sub's settings all wrong and it interfered too much w/ the main speakers' output.

I've now got it set up much better w/ exponentially better results... Can't tell the sub is there most of the time, until it's called for, that is. And when it IS called for, boy does it reach down quite low and articulately for an inexpensive, small sub.

Thanks again (mostly for the reassurance)

The speaker level input on subs is Very High Impedence.
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