Current and Former Transparent Audio owners

I would like some suggestions from you folks.I currently have my system wired with balanced super and never got around to the same speaker cables.I need to get a longer cable to go between my pre and amp and was thinking this might be a good time to try something different.When I wired the stereo with transparent I had tried XLO,Kimber,Mit,Cardas in my system previously and the transparent was just the right fit so I went as far up the line as I could afford.There is so much out there that I havent even heard like the harmonic,zen,and purist just to name a few so I was wondering if any of you transparent owners had jumped off the bandwagon for something better or sightly different for the same or even less money.I like the "house" sound of transparent not to say there isnt something I would'nt like better if I got to hear it in my system.I wouldnt mind a cable with the same sound but maybe a little faster or maybe a little more of the "slam" factor.Also I have never heard any ultra in my set up so maybe that is a option as well? Any of you ultra owners who stepped up from super is welcome to chime in on differences.
Thanks in advance for your input.
A fellow audiophile who is a very good friend upgraded all his transparent to accoustic zen. It was night and day between the two. I believe you will find the "slam" you are looking for. I have the super model for speaker cables, given to me by my friend, and I find them missing that "slam" compared to the zen in my friends system. For me it was an upgrade coming from Nordost cables.

BTW, I have zen matrix IC and haven't found anything better for the $$$$. Give them a try. I'm sure there are others that are better, but I personally think for the amount of money you pay for compared to transparent, it's a no brainer.
I currently have the Ultra in my system. You will be very pleased to make the jump to it. It is way ahead of the Super cables that were replaced here.

i recently picked up the trans ultra MMs. they easily best the following cables i've had in house:

purist ventusas
pure note paragon
TG HSR (best bang for buck however; note i am a dealer for these)
acoustic zen satori (not sure what people are listening to on these)
alpha core MI2 and AG2

i'm getting the harmonic tech Magic woofer reference (may carry the line), so time will tell. but for now, the ultra MMs are heads and shoulders better than anything else i've tried (and they're more expensive too)
I used to run all Transparent Music wave plus IC's and super SC, I moved to all XLO bottom of the barrel stuff after running a frequency response sweep when one day playing with my system. The Transparent cable seemed (pretty obvious really) to change the frequency response of the system (mainly in the midbass and bass). When switching to the XLO or any other decently designed cable, the midbass slam and bass depth came back which surprised me as I'd always had those cables. No more rolled off treble too.If you like it keep it, but realize it is doing some pretty strange things.
I ran the Transparent Ultra interconnects and speaker cables in my system for about four years. They are very good cables, and, as noted above, they are a significant step up from the Super cables. However, the Transparent cables are a bit warm sounding, and they are rolled off a bit at the very top end of the treble frequencies.

Last year I went to the Jena Labs Symphony cables throughout my system, and this was a welcome upgrade in sound quality for me. The Jena Labs cables seem to me to be dead neutral and very well extended at both frequency extremes. They brought about a more natural sound in my system.

If you like what the Transparent cables are doing to warm up the sound of your system, I would suggest that you stay with the Transparent line and move up to the Ultra cables. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a cable that is more neutral and extended, I would suggest that you give the Jena Labs Symphony cables a try.