Curiousity killed.....

Just wondering why say Mcintosh does not have transferable warranty and Bryston does.Both longtime institutions,well thought of,both made in USA on the same shoreline,yet that one difference which can be large.Don't spend alot of time on this one,thanks,Bob
Bryston is Canadian ;-) ...
...and they're not on a shoreline...

You can go to the following for more discussion on the subject. -

I still find it hard to fathom how some could try to justify the difference in warranty, particularly when price is considered, but as you can see, all methods of obfuscation get tried to defend it. Oh well.
I thought Canada was part of the US...and thanks Snofun3,I shall now slip back into my coma,adeiu...
And for what it is worth... McIntosh is now owned by a Japanese company :^) (albeit one where the majority shareholder is a Belgium-listed private-equity fund run by an American group (and the 2nd largest shareholder is Dutch)) :^).
Satisfaction brought... ( to end your title quote ).

Because that is what each company feels is best for them.
Very interesting Tbone...yes,Onemug,your second sentence holds the obvious answer,though I think a call to McIntosh might provide some more illumination on some specifics I was searching to find a Japanese interptreter....thanks men....
mac and bryton at least should be around to honor their warranty. hi end companies are dropping like flies.
As far as I know, just the ownership of McIntosh changed when it was purchased by D&M Holdings; management policy would not have changed; and if it ever comes to actually wanting to contact the McIntosh parent, D&M Holdings (stands for "Denon & Marantz"), at least a few members of top management at D&M speak excellent English). The parent company's website is here.
Jay, which high end companies are dropping like flies? It'd be helpful if you could provide a few examples, so we know what to avoid.
i certainly can't predict the future, but any company thats not well funded and/or profitable is a likely candidate. most recently meadowlark was a shocker. it takes lots of capital to fund a company which is growing dramatcally. in the last 12 years over 50 british hi end companies have either closed their homeland manufacturing (hello china) or closed down completely. a warranty(like any agreement)is only good if the company sticks around-and honors it.
Like the old PS Audio and the new PS Audio Jay?
Bryston has the utmost confidence in their products. Therefore they have put their money where their mouth is and put in writing what they have always done; stand behind their products. Their products may not be the sexiest looking, but they are bullet-proof, unlike some of the other amps out there. I would say that it is obvious that McIntosh does not have the same confidence in their products as Bryston.
James50, I don't see it as "obvious that Mac does not have the same confidence....". Mac sells many more types and volumes of products all over the world. It may just be an accounting nightmare to have to go back into their records for 20 yrs. Mac amps and preamps have long been known to last 20 to 30 yrs. One might also deduce, by your logic, that Bryston feels they need to offer more to compete. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you or I or anyone for that matter "think" what the reason is for different warranties. If it was hurting Mac, I'm sure we would see longer warranties from them. FWIW, I own Maggie 3.6's, and the Bryston 500 would be at the top of my list to demo if needed. Right now I'm happy with my MC1000's. Good listening.