Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)

I am on a long search for speakers and just curious what people think is the best value both new or used in speakers ranging from around $5000 to $15000? I have a set of Paradigm S8's (V1) and love them but looking for another set for another set in a different listening area (25 x 20?, maybe larger).  I love the full sound of JBL's and looking for something in that range (it also helps that JBL's seem to hold their value better than most, which will be a consideration). The only drawback to JBL is footprint.  I prefer a smaller footprint which is why after reading I hope to listen to several B&W 800 series but open to suggestions across the board.  used Watt Puppies? Revels?  I am curious about peoples experience with McIntosh XR100's. 
Three or four of these posts had excellent suggestions. What sounds great to one set of ears can be painful to another. Once you have listened to everyone's idea of nirvana you will know which way to go!!
OP, the 3 best recommendations from above, that I recommend, are the Klipschorn, some of the JBL models, and the Volti Allura speakers. I own Klipsch Lascalas ( horns ), supplemented with powered subwoofers, as I do not have corners. Why do I say this. As horn designs, they do not exhibit compression ( hold back dynamics ), and I have determined, " for me as a listener ", this is vital in the creation of a realistic sound scape. The 3 Tekton models mentioned, based on everything I have read ( I have read everything on them, but never had the opportunity to listen to them ), seem to be excellent as well, with dynamics. Horns are not for everybody, nor are any of the above suggestions. I believe you stated somewhere that you would like to " open up " the speakers near their max ( listen loud ). Tone, imaging, coherence, all of these things are important, but without dynamics, I get utterly bored. I am getting it all. Yes, I am biased, but all I am saying, is that " I have determined what I like ". Many of the recommendations above are great, but only you will be able to determine what you, and, your ears, like. As a retired audio consultant ( and current audiophile, music listener and hobbyist ), I recommend for you, to take your time, and listen to as many speakers as you can. Keep in mind, also, that whatever speaker you wind up living with, you will likely need to do some room treatments, to extract the most from your speaker purchase. Trust your ears, and no one else's. Take a few recordings that you like, are familiar with, but at least one or two " audiophile " recordings as well with you. Best of luck to you. Enjoy ! MrD.
Rega RS 10s are remarkable speakers if you can find a pair.  Extremely detailed fine textured sound and they give correct tone and weight to instruments such as cello and double bass and clarinet.
@mrdecibel  I appreciate what you are saying. The Klipschorns  will not fit my space.  I don't have defined corners plus not sure I would want to use all that space if I did.  The JBL's are high on my list but have decided that I now do not want to spend more than $9000.  I have bought a used set of Tekton DI's for nothing near the price of my budget and yes they are awesome I will probably go forward from hear trying to do an A/B test of all my top picks versus the Tektons as well as my Paradigm S8's although in a different listening area on a different floor.  The problem is that I may not get to listen to them in my space necessarily  but now I can take my time finding the right set for my basic $10K limit. 

I am also making changes in my overall system (ie. DAC's, speaker cables, and other preamp  (C48, C40, & Vincent SV236MK integrated) vs DAC (NAD M51, Mytek Brooklyn & several others) comparisons so that may make things more difficult in evaluation.  One thing that really has made a difference is the older Modwright Oppo 95 I have been using. It really is making a huge difference but I am tired of listening to all the same reference CD's over and over again. lol
Know one has mentioned them yet
Q Acoustics Concept 500 at $6k they are a bargain and for sure the best cabinet for under $10k the Gelcore is magical!

Spendor D7, D9, & A7 are all very impressive as well...