Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)

I am on a long search for speakers and just curious what people think is the best value both new or used in speakers ranging from around $5000 to $15000? I have a set of Paradigm S8's (V1) and love them but looking for another set for another set in a different listening area (25 x 20?, maybe larger).  I love the full sound of JBL's and looking for something in that range (it also helps that JBL's seem to hold their value better than most, which will be a consideration). The only drawback to JBL is footprint.  I prefer a smaller footprint which is why after reading I hope to listen to several B&W 800 series but open to suggestions across the board.  used Watt Puppies? Revels?  I am curious about peoples experience with McIntosh XR100's. 
I own Maggie’s driven by Mac 501s with a Mac C220 tube pre amp.  I went through a ton of equipment before I arrived here and have been content for a long time.   

Maggies are very sensitive to room treatment and placement, but worth the journey IMHO.  I have 3.6s bought new.  I also use a sub for recordings like DSOM, etc.   But the detail when listening to Takr Five by Brubeck makes you feel like you are in the room.

Just one guy’s experience, there are many great choices in this realm.  One last thought from my PhD Economist wife, marginal cost versus marginal gain, $$$ do matter at some point in both directions.  I found the sweet spot for my situation.
Legacy Audio Signature SE's at this price point. Pretty easy to place as well.
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I understand the Gold Note XT-7 speakers are supposed to be excellent from the reviews I have read. I have never heard them but I did own a Gold Note phono cartridge and loved the sound. I believe there was an ad for them here by parts xconnection or something like that for 10K off, they retail for 17.5K