Curious .. What is the compared price of your tt vs spkrs

Ok people im curious  
what is the price range of you entire analogue set up vs your spkr s with cables .. I often wonder what a guys table set up is when he is running a set of wilsons , or the 25k tt guy ..
my tt setup is about 75-80%  of my spkrs with cable , but i have a sub I occasionally use lol add another $$ so with that probly 60 -70% 
My speakers and turntable source are both vintage.  The speakers are Acoustat 2+2 that I bought used for $1400 and the speaker cables are new Black Cat Silver Heart at $1000.  That's $2400 for the speakers and cable, which I consider a true bargain.

The turntable is a Lenco L75 with a large plinth and ADA MG-1 air bearing tonearm ($3500) and Denon DL-103R cartridge ($300).  The turntable sits on a Nobility Magnetic Levitating stand ($350).  Phono cables are Audience Au24SE low z that I bought  used ($600) connected to a Jeff Rowland Consummate phono amp ($1000).  TTweights record weight and Opera RCM as well ($1000).  That's $6750 for the turntable and associated gear to play $2 value village finds.

So that's about 2 1/2 times to 1 for tt vs speakers.  But I had to spend a bit to find an amp that works well with the electrostatic speakers.  The best so far are my Ray Lumley M-100 tube mono blocks with KT-120 tubes at $4000 including tubes.
Dear @oleschool:  In the very old times I remember the many years " defunct/dead "  Stereo Review magazyne that over the years they posted a % relationship between: speakers, front end, amp and the like. They did it as a " secure " road to people and especially new audio people. Many of us followed that kind of " expert advise ".

Through the time almost all of us learned about and still are learning each single day.

My " $$$/%% "" priorities are in this order: LPs, room conditioning, true full range speakers, front end, IC and speaker cables, Phonolinepreamp, amps and somewhere in between an audio system dedicated electrical  line. Of course the skills and knowledge level to make the overall audio system set up as accurate as we can with the self capacity to be aware that our set up is just rigth as it should be.

Regards and enjoy the music,
My frist TT was 50% of my speakers and cables. Now My speakers are only 30% of my TT. When I upgraded the TT I wanted to do it once. Started with a Rega RP1pp w/ a couple of upgrades and Rega Exact cartridge.the new TT is a Clearaudio Performance DC w/ Clarify tonearm ,Talisman V2 Gold ,Outer Limit record weight , HRS Analog Disk, linear power supply and Musical Surroundings Nova 2 Phono stage
As your system improves it's not going to fit into some budget formula and at different stages you might have bigger or smaller budget.
You can see my setup in Virtual Systems

  Enjoy the Music
It's not like there is a directly proportional relationship between price and sound quality.  You can have an under-performing front end or speaker and the other end of the chain might be an over-performer that functions at a much higher level than it should at the given price.

That is going to tend to blur results on this sort of survey.

My systems were for years comprised of well assembled front ends and less expensive but over-performing speakers (Vandersteen,, Energy, Spica).  My ratio then would have been about 4:1  in favour of front end.

After a recent upgrade my cost ratio has reversed to about 2:1 cost, speaker to front end (turntable, arm, cartridge and phono preamp).
$20k Shindo 301 TT paired with Altec 846A Valencia's acquired used from the original owner's son for $1200.  I wouldn't call it an upgrade but perhaps down the road (after I get into my final NorCal digs), I'd consider acquiring a pair of Devore Orangutan O/96's while keeping the Altecs.