Curious USB cable VS. Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable

I bought a 1.5 meter Curious USB cable - am breaking it in,  and am wondering if anybody else has done listening tests to compare it to Wireworld's Platinum Starlight 7 cable.

Out of the box,  I noticed the Curious cable was somewhat bass heavy,  which I didn't like because my listening room amplifies bass too much already.  Curious says that their cable needs about 250 hours of break in time.

thanks in advance for any opinions on this.
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Finding the suitable cables to your system is a tricky process , The Wireworld's Platinum Starlight 7 cable is a great cable but no one can assure you that it will solve the over bass problem you are facing now,The only way is a home demo to find what is the best cable for your system and your personal taste.