Curious to know what you guys think/like about Pink Floyd's early work

Listening through Pink Floyd's entire studio album discography these days. I mostly know their work from the 70's to 90's. I will admit, I haven't quite connected fully with their early psychedelic years from Piper to Ummagumma yet. I suppose I'm a bigger fan of their "BIG sound" that would evolve later on with David's important guitar riffs, solos, conceptual records, unique production and Waters' lyrics. Those first records honestly do not really delight me always. I'm really open to hearing thoughts, discussing factors and history of these records that could give me a more open perspective, and maybe understand the importance of these works. Why do some of you like them? Is it the history of the band forming? Starting out with Syd? Any documentaries or books that focus on the early years?


Relics is a compendium of some of this early stuff, which I really like and has more originality than credited IMO.  I listened to it again for the first time in years recently and it sounds great

I’m not the biggest fan in general, but like some of the later stuff (love “Fearless,”  “Have a Cigar”, really don’t care for The Wall)

If I listen to them, it’s the early Syd stuff.

My roommate in college played DSOTM all night while we slept. I liked the album. I bought their catalog. Never could get into anything before Meddle. The WYWH album is also a fav. I like their live albums as well. David Gilmour also played the old stuff quite well live. I have seen Roger Waters twice in the last few years. He plays their catalog to perfection. Pink Flod is a top 5 band for me. I listen to new music as well and still play their stuff regularly. 

I suppose I’m in the minority on this one. Random play in the car just set me up with Astronomy Domine coming in today. Their earlier at work is best in my opinion. I stop listening before DSOTM - can stand them after that. They are a good example of what was happening at the Spontaneous Underground at the time - Soft Machine, Please, The Attack, Pretty Things, etc. There’s a Screaming Abdabs bootleg that captures their live feeling very well. Norman ‘Normal’ Smith did his best to hold them back at Abbey Roads. Syd also did 3 decent solo efforts - singer songwriter type with Robert Wyatt backing him at times. Great writing. 

I hear early PF as the making of puzzle pieces. The pieces start coming together on Meddle then perfected on DSOTM and after. Echos is my fav PF song. Its like a changing landscape. D.G. & R.W. vocal harmonys blend perfectly. The music starts mellow, builds to a crescendo, then eases to a mellow ending.

My earliest fav is"More". Another showcase of their early development.  

Seems like whole concept album listening faded in the 1980s as post baby boomers seemed to move toward the popish sounds and single track listening.

I believe PF was one of the most creative prog bands and Sid was a huge influance on their style.