Curious. Kimber Palladian Power Cord.

I've read the reviews but am still curious since no reviewer addressed the obvious. What is that "thing" on the cable? And how does it affect the cables performance? Does anyone know? Thanks.
It's a standing wave guide. Does that help? Take the price up what 700-$800 from the models with out the "thing". You don't want waves standing around, come on, you're that smart.

Seriously, I don't know, but I have one of these, and I've also own a Fim Gold, transparent ref xl, shunyata python and I love it. Everything sounds more dynamic, more detailed, blacker backgrounds...but doesn't change the tone of the music.
Go for it. I started with one and now have four.
It feels like a cylinder of concrete, but whatever it is, there is no question it makes a substantial difference.
Can this "sleeve" become saturated like ferrite cable sleeves? Does this cable work better for amplification or source componants or equally for both? Why so expensive?
I have tried it on my amp and source (phono pre and digital). I like it everywhere. As far as saturation...I don't know. Maybe email Kimber?

Expensive? They claim the R&D costs on this "thing". Anyway. for about $1k list price, it's one of the best and priced in the middle. Used for $650 +/-, they are steal. If you can find one.

I just bought a 2nd...
Ancient thread, but I see that Kimber redesigned the "sausage"! Looks a hell of a lot better.
Anyone compared the Palladian to the "models with out the thing" (PK-10 Gold)?