Curious if anyones using numerous Richard Gray 400

I am curious if there are people using multiple Richard gray 400's due to the paralel choke thats inside them. From what I understand and with experience is that by just plugging them in without nothing plugged into them makes a nice improvement.

I have some blue circle noise hounds and enacoms in my two 400's for even more additional cleaning.

I am curious if anyones gone a little nutty by buying 10+ Richard gray 400's due to each one improving things a bit more.
I have 3 400's, and a PS-1000. The first one was a big improvement, the second one less so. The third one, I'm not sure it made a difference in my system.

That third 400 got moved to my other system.

I'm sure opinions will differ depending on how bad power is in their area.

John C.
Since its a parallel device you don't need to plug anything into it. Once it is plugged into an outlet anything else that's plugged into that same outlet gets the benefit. I was told by a Gray rep that a 600 has an impedance of 12 ohms and he recommended three which would drop that to 4 ohms. I took my 600 apart and the choke has about 18/20 gauge wire coming out of it and the 3 outlets have pretty basic wire connected to them. I'm building a nice power strip w/Oyaide parts so I can disconnect everything from my 600.

John, I think its all system and house dependent. When tbg can't keep stillpoints ers even on his coffee table and my house keeps wanting it goes to show you its your area.

I think power has the same effects on area.
ET, Are you putting the oyaide into the richard gray?
I did put one Oyaide R-1 in the Gray and it helped. However in doing so I saw the fairly cheesy wire used and don't want to plug my big power amps into it anymore. I just ordered another R-1 and the Oyaide MT-BU empty outlet strip(you put your own outlets in it) from (Chris VenHaus) It should arrive tomorrow and I will build it right away. Afterward I will plug 2 power amps a P-300 and the Gray into the strip. I will report the improvement or lack of it here.


ET, I agree with its build quality. I tore both my 400's apart and went with a direct connect from the iec to the outlets and treated all the connections. I bypassed the fuse which are alway chock points. They both connect into the first outlet of my BPT signature 3.5 so I guess there still protected.

I think your onto a good idea. You will be getting great power flow with the oyaides and still benefit with the 400 pluged into it. Should be much better power flow for your amps.

Experiment with the Richard gray 400 in your first outlet closest to the ac coming in and the furthest outlet from the ac coming in. You could even plug other parallel stuff into the 400 which would further clean things inside the outlet your buidling.

I can't seem to put enough stuff inside my house to get sqweaky clean power.
Not so much from the Oyaide Outlet strip. Don't get me wrong, The MT-UB w/2 R-1's inside helped. But not near as much as Al Sekala's (Audio Asylum) parallel filter. It consists of three cap/resistor combos in parallel. The first is a .47 X-rated safety cap (use nothing but X rated safety caps ) going from the AC hotside through a 120 ohm 1/2 resistor to neutral (ground not used) then two more of these with a progressively smaller value cap (.33 then .22) each connected to neutral through their own 120 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. All three of these are in parallel. This made a much bigger improvement and especially in terms of removing HF grunge. In removing the grunge the HF is not reduced. My sytem seems a tiny bit brighter but oh so much more defined and real in the HF as well as much less fatiguing. Mouser has the parts (by Vishay). It's less than $20 for enough to build two of them. I went for the axial style 10% tolerence caps, the best of the safety caps. I also went for Vishay metalized film resistors. Al is now saying a 100 ohm resistor may be a better value, I haven't tried that yet.