Curious about the difference in what I’d hear on different tonearms

I’m relatively new & most of the numbers & concepts people talk about are still over my head. I do basically understand that different tonearms are a better match for  certain weight cartridges. To reduce the variables I have a Lyra Delos cartridge & a Rega 330 Moth tonearm & I only want to compare up the Rega models without advice thrown in about different cartridges.  Here’s my question, with that setup & all other things being unchanged, what actual difference would I clearly hear if I changed the tonearm to the Rega 808 & then between 808 & the 2000? Please-“I’d never use a Rega... get an ABC model 1234”, same related to the cartridge or other parts of my system... it’ll just confuse my understanding of what you’re teaching me.


Hi tochsii. The Delos is a fine match for your arm. All the arms you ask about are about the same effective mass. If there is any difference sonically with the Delos in all three arms set up correctly it would be so slight the most people would never be able to distinguish between them.
I'm not sure I could. Anybody who tells you there are worlds of difference is probably related to Adam Schiff. 
of course you could get another arm and bear witness yourself....but some prefer no witnesses and documents or facts and just rant...

I have a Delos and had a Rega arm with two sets of wire, that alone made a difference. When i moved to silver wire I heard greater depth of image and more high frequency extension, something the Delos has no lack of anyway.

enjoy the music
Up the a Rega line would be an experiment in better wire and bearing spec. Effective mass and 'synergy' factors would remain similar.
A much more productive approach is to search out all the reviews and comments you can find on the arms you're considering. Concentrate on the performance of the arms specifically. Ignore the table. Ignore the cartridge. Ignore everything but the arm. 

This is because what you will find, contrary to conventional wisdom, an arm is an arm is an arm. If the Graham 2.2 or the Origin Live is awesome on my table, it will be awesome on yours. Guaranteed.

Anything else is a path to madness. If the table has to be matched to the arm, or the cart, you might as well call it a day. The one exception is sprung tables. Something like a Linn, the whole thing is a tuned system. Suspended tables are like that. My condolences if you go that way. 
Look at the Rega-based Audiomods tonearms for a definite upgrade. You'll get a more incisive and stable sound, free from the speakers, with more air, dimensionality, and color.
Millercarbon, you'd be making a big mistake comparing other suspended tables to the Linn. It does not matter what tonearm you put on a SOTA, SME, Basis or Air Force. They will all be perfectly stable. Nothing is stable on a Linn. The resonance frequency of say a SOTA Cosmos is down at 2-3 Hz far below the 10 Hz frequency of a properly set up tonearm. It is fun to watch. Give it a push and the whole shooting match just bobs along together perfectly stable.
Fixed tables can be a real problem in many installation situations but you can put any of the four tables mentioned above just about anywhere.
It always helps to have your system located on a cement slab if you have that option.
@noromance, good suggestion in the Audiomods. But whereas the earlier versions of company's arms did indeed use a Rega-sourced armtube (the only part of the arm related to Rega), the latest/greatest Audiomods arm (Series Six) is 100% Rega-free, the carbon fibre armtube being designed and manufactured by Jeff Spall himself. An outstanding arm, and at 985 British Pounds a bargain at that.
I must not have been clear. I’m not looking to change my arm. I want to learn what upgrading clearly gives you soundwise. Thats the only reason I said stay within Rega... no other variables are introduced.... just whatever the upgrade is.  That way you can tie ex “tighter bass” specifically related the upgrade.  Thanks
That’s why I don’t ask mAny questions. I try & make questions very specific & usually ask for no extraneous personal stuff. And, I always get those comments & people pontificating about my question & then recommending a $10k option they love instead. Out of 20 responses, I’ll get 4 that contain the info I asked for.  I do have to say that particular comment was helpful & I didn’t take it a really mean spirited.  It seemed like a throw away funny comment.  And. Usually, they’ll go on for a paragraph or 2. But, this is still the best place to get info.
@bdp24 Got it. I'm betraying my age!

@tochsii See my post above for note on what to expect with better arm.
Your specific question was really very narrow. You really needed responses only from persons who have owned and used the rega 303, 808, and 2000 tonearms, if I understand your post correctly. Which is why I did not respond, except to Mijo on his political comment. I actually wonder whether anyone here has had personal experience with even 2 out of 3 of those particular Rega tonearms.  I do have one opinion that you might find useful. I partially disagree with Miller carbon. The interaction between the headshell  and the cartridge is also very important in determining the ultimate sound quality. Certain headshell materials seem to work better with certain cartridges or cartridge types. If you were to find that one or another of those rega tone arms sounded best, it might well be because of a favorable headshell match, assuming those 3 Rega’s might differ at the headshell. 
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I have had a couple of 3 Rega tonearms and there is not much difference. In the confines of your your question you may likely conclude that there is little if any difference in tonearms. That would be an incorrect conclusion, but seemingly correct due to your sample. The Rega tonearm is good for the money.

If you are actually interested in the difference between tonearms you will need to expand your sample.

Best of luck.