Curious about Russco turntables in a home setting

Don't know alot about turntables. Use to run Duals til I came across my current Denon DP59 moving coil cartridge. Wonderful sound but merciless on slightly flawed vinyl. Just came into pair of Russcos but at a loss to what I have other than old studio DJ equipment. Is this potentially adaptable (let alone worth doing it in a home surrounding with either my Carver M500t, Crown DS 300 series 2 or Hafler DH 220 amp with either my Carvers or Nad preamp. Of any value as far as burning vinyl to CD?
Short answer is yes but - work needed to make them domestic(ish)
Do they look like this one? (from the home despot thread)

Being heavy-duty idler-wheel 'tables, they can be turned into astonishingly dynamic high-end 'tables with the following sonic chracteristics: tremendous dynamics, tremendous bass power and detail, tremendous PRaT (timing, rhythm),incredible detail across the frequency range, transparency and ability to resolve and unravel complex strands of music, pin-point imaging, great speed stability. But it requires work: look at the "Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot" thread, which is all about building plinths for heavy-duty idler-wheel 'tables, the thread itself focusing on Lencos. The Russcos are other good candidates for the project. I own one of the most highly-regarded direct-drive 'tables out there - the Technics SP10 MKII - and while it is very good, it still does not have the slam of my idler-wheel drives. I haven't finished getting the measure of the Technics yet, though, more tweaks coming. But if you already own the Russcos, then get to it! Have fun!
Bornin50 gave you the link to my Russco project page. I like it a lot, but I think it needs to be couple to a very high-mass base to get the most out of it. I have read stories of disco DJs mounting them in bricks in the 70s. Look at the size of the motor, compare it with other "domestic" turntables, and that gives you a hint.

But I'm a nut, and don't mind having a turntable that is bigger than my television. It makes me happy.