Curious about Rega Tonearm bearing damage

Hey guys, just curious. I hear a lot of talk about Rega tonearm bearing damage. "Carefull not to damage the main bearing", E.T.C. Even Rega themselves say not to upgrade wiring as this will cause excesive bearing wear in time. Just wondering how many bearing are there in the tonearm and most importantly WHAT are the main causes of damage or wear?

In the Rega arms, there are 2 sets of bearing. Horizontal, and vertical. Bearing damage when doing re-wiring is most likely to occur, if you hold the arm in such a way, as to place pressure on the arm at the extreme ends of the range of movement, or by twisting the arm tube while holding the yoke. They are delicate, but can take a moderate amount of stress. I don't recommend stressing them at all, though.

Wear is a different matter altogether, and might happen if dirt gets into the bearing somehow, or if your cartridge is causing a "chatter" condition. Possibly if something is causing pressure on the system in a certain direction. And, transporting the turntable with the counterweight still on the arm tube, can cause damage, if it subjected to inordinate bumping or vibration from driving in a car.

My advice is to let someone that knows what they are doing, to handle this job.
Thanks TWL for the insightful info. Very helpfull as always. You are a true benefit to the Audiogon Forum.

So, as I understand it the rega arm are unlikely to suffer from bearing damage in regular use!

(FOr instance dropping the arm, slightly rude movement)