curious about mcintosh ma2275

Hi, I currently have a Cary sli-80. I have no complaints, but I am curious about the Mcintosh ma2275. Does anyone have experience with the two? Is there much to gain other then the experience? Will it give me anything the Cary isn't? Would upgrading my spendor sp 1/2e's to some Harbeth m30 or shl5's be a better direction?

I think it is debatable that moving from your Spendors to either Harbeth is really an upgrade - maybe just different
Concur completely with above 2 posts,another case of upgradeitis[sp] coming around the bend.The only cure is another amp or speaker.Your not missing anything with your stuff which is quite nice.Now if you were in Mpls.,I could trade you my Mac for your Cary for awhile,then your Spendors for my Merlins and Viola' cured.YMMV,good luck,Bob
I have been curious about the MA2275 also; I currently have a Primaluna Dialogue Two that I am running with SHL5s and am really enjoying, but you always wonder if a different amp would even sound better. I have been doing some tube rolling with the D2 and have had some good luck with the SED Winged C EL34s; vocals with this tube/amp/speaker combo are excellent.
Funny I have a 2275 and am curious about the SLI80. I just got the 2275 2 months ago and switched from AES Six pacs and AE3 MKII. Seems the AES may have been better with jazz and vocals and the MAC for rock and bass heavy music. I think the SLI 80 would be the best of both worlds. Stunning looks, integrated simplicity and that great triode sound.

I would say the 2275 sounds a bit duller than the AES gear I had. I wish I could swap in an SLI 80 to see though because at times the 2275 gives me goosebumps with late night listening and its 100% NON fatiguing. Not as bright and much fuller sounding than my six pacs but not as much "air" or soundstage.

Built like a freaking tank though. I do not think the MAC is worth retail but at the used prices it is.

If you give the 2275 a try let me know how it goes.