Curious about Emerald Physics speakers

On the one hand, the EP speakers are reported to be very good. On other hand, from what I read, the EP's use a pro-grade DSP as crossover, and do an analog--> digital and then a digital --> analog conversion. If they sound great nevertheless, doesn't this mean that one might as well unload any high quality DAC or CD player earlier in the chain, and replace it with something cheap? How would one set up these speakers to actually take advantage of a high quality digital source?
I don't think the unique EP approach would have any special bearing on source quality considerations.

The EP are the kind of speakers that I look forward to hearing someday, ie a different and innovative design that has potential to break new price/performance grounds as a result. Whether it does or not, well, I guess I'll have a better idea when I hear some hopefully someday.
I have the CS2.3 with the DBX 260. Decided to pass on the Behringer and upgrade for room correction and better AD/DA conversion. I would not recommend going cheap with source components. Tri-amping is the way to go with these speakers. Totally different speaker with the crap passive crossover out of the mix! Very impressive.