Curiosity re Callistos vs other GMA products

How do the Callistos stack up against the other more expensive GMA speakers like the 3 times more expensive Calypsos.I am sure there is a family sound & more bass but what difference are there in the mids & highs & overall musicality? Just curiosity, because I am getting the sense my Callistos would be hard to improve on in major ways other than bass given some more exotic amps ,IC & cables.Comments? I am just curious :-)


Hi Bill,

I have the Calypsos in for review for 6moons and I also own a pair of Callistos. I'll have lots to say in my review so consider this a brief teaser. I can tell you that there appears to be a remarkable sonic similarity between the two models, more so than I've noticed with other brands. On several occasions I've heard models from the same line with identical drivers that don't at all sound alike. The GMA's appear to be an exception. Both have that easy, fatigue-free listen-into quality, transparency (forget warm & fuzzy) and impressive transient fidelity. The difference lays mainly in greater bass extension of the Calypso, plus a fuller more developed midrange and they will play louder with less strain. Yeah they cost more but in this case you get more ;)

Feel free to email at if you have any further questions, comments etc.

paul candy
I enjoyed your review at 6 moons. Yours was the article that closed the deal for me & I am now a proud GMA Callisto owner. What I have here finally is a pure instrumentÂ…. so now it is a question of associated equipment & room acoustics as I have reflections that cause a little hardness. My bay window & possibly 50" plasma TV may be soaking up some of my bass as well ,meaning I have some decisions to make .I am going to try my RA Tempest II later in the week as I reckon it is smoother still in the mids & especially the highs where it is also more extended. I currently have them hooked up to a Portal Panache via Analysis Plus Oval 9 & Solo Crystal ICs both of which received positive reviews from 6 moons. A Rega Saturn completes the system as well as some good AC cords & power conditioning.

Thanks for your reply.