Curiosity re Callistos vs other GMA products

How do the Callistos stack up against the other more expensive GMA speakers like the 3 times more expensive Calypsos.I am sure there is a family sound & more bass but what difference are there in the mids & highs & overall musicality? Just curiosity, because I am getting the sense my Callistos would be hard to improve on in major ways other than bass given some more exotic amps ,IC & cables.Comments? I am just curious :-)



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I enjoyed your review at 6 moons. Yours was the article that closed the deal for me & I am now a proud GMA Callisto owner. What I have here finally is a pure instrumentÂ…. so now it is a question of associated equipment & room acoustics as I have reflections that cause a little hardness. My bay window & possibly 50" plasma TV may be soaking up some of my bass as well ,meaning I have some decisions to make .I am going to try my RA Tempest II later in the week as I reckon it is smoother still in the mids & especially the highs where it is also more extended. I currently have them hooked up to a Portal Panache via Analysis Plus Oval 9 & Solo Crystal ICs both of which received positive reviews from 6 moons. A Rega Saturn completes the system as well as some good AC cords & power conditioning.

Thanks for your reply.