Curing ground loop hum with a power conditioner ?

I am using a cheater plug on my amp to cure a ground loop hum that is caused by my cable tv, I was wonder if adding a monster 5100 power conditioner and running my cable through it would cure my ground loop problem, I would also consider a ps audio 600 if that would be a better solution, any help on this would be apreciated, thanks
It probably won't help. My experience is that ground loops are very difficult to diagnose and eradicate. I have tried power conditioners, RF stoppers, cheater plugs, etc, and nothing works, other than finding the offending piece of equipment.

I admit that I am skeptical about the value of power conditioners in general. But I think (hope) that most would agree that, whatever good they do, they do not particularly help with ground hum.
I had the same problem and switched to the Monster HTS1000 and that did the trick. I did not even have to connect the amp or any of my other devices to the monster, only the cable connection. I returned the 1000 though because I actually wanted to connect my equipment and got the 2000 off ebay for $105. You can try the monster buy buying it at circuit city,best but, or goodguys where you can take it back and get some better of ebay or used. I also tried the mondial magic, but upon installation it did nothing for that system and reading the instructions states that it is only for properly grounded cable systems.

I also had the same problem with the 60hz hum and the Monster Power Conditioner that I used got rid of the hum. I did not want to spend a lot of money and some cheaper power conditioners didn't work. The monster power conditioner did a great job
Guys you are really making this complicated. If the ground loop hum is from the cable all you need is a simple inexpensive filter for your cable between the outlet and the box. Isomax makes this and can be found on the web or an electronics store. Using a cheater plug on something you might want to provide surge protection doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
I agree with Ksales. I have used a Mondial MAGIC ground isolation transformer for my cable TV for over 10 years. Since it was installed, I have never had ground loop hum or needed cheater plugs. I believe they are available at Audio Advisor... a used one was recently sold right here on Audiogon.
People like you make me sick.
You go into a retail out let use thier time and turn a new piece of gear into a used piece of gear then return it and buy it on Ebay.
Your a real class act.
Natlie, I only started this pratice after spending $35,000 (house was broken into and all items stolen bought all replacements there) at this particular establishment and then went to return a $60 item that I bought as a gift for someone at the same time as the $35,000 purschase but was not the same item as what the box said it was. The salesperson told me that it had a 30 day return instead of a 14 day return, and upon me trying to return it for the correct item was told sorry 14 day return no can do from the manager after I dropped $35,000 at that store. That is when I started to buy off the internet. This was a personal decesion I made after the treatment I felt I received at that particular store. I only suggested the person go to a store like this and do that because this is what the "salesperson" told me to do (try the little one first because it already was a open box item and if you like it return it and get one of the bigger ones, and I did..just not from them. Their price was $249 for the item I got for $105 on ebay nib). $145 maybe nothing to you, but it is to me. I try not to be judgemental of people on this site, as I feel that the internet is a place for information and not somewhere to make anonymous criticisms or judgements of people that I do not really know. As we all have free will and free moral agency, I simply explained my situation based upon my experiences and whoever reads it is free to make their own decesions based upon what they feel is right or wrong based upon their own values without someone telling them what they should or should not think or do. Even though I may be young, most of my experiences have taught me that it is not always black and white. Most of the time we live in the grey area inbetween. While I am not perfect I do sometimes make decesions that I do consider to be morally imperfect for reasons I have decided.
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This discussion went into a different discussion of spending a lot of money on a monster conditoner to using a cheap filter for something as simple as a ground loop. I only have sympathy for the small fraction of a percent of retail a/v dealers who take the time to participate here or who really study their business. To the rest you get what you give. The guy on these threads who bought the monster unit probably got advice from a salesperson who should have known better but was glad to have him spend the several hundred dollars as opposed to 10. I religiously buy from a local knowledgeable honest a/v retailer when they can meet my needs otherwise free enterprise is the way of the world.