Cures for Vocal Sibilance?

I've got about 200 hours on my Jay's transport and am experiencing marked vocal sibilance; in fact, it's rendered a few CDs unlistenable.

I've never run nto this issue before.



Not surprising,  as we get older ear issues may become problematic, many here complain of tinnitus.

Sad day indeed :-(

@stuartk try ear plugs in combination with the Lokius. Play with positioning them in the canal ... inserted ever so slightly, this will help the sibilance you’re experiencing. Micro levels will be masked but still present, and by increasing your normal SPL listening it will help counteract reduction. It will take some time to acclimate but has been my personal experience for the last couple of years.

Sibilance is a four letter word


Yeah-- I never imagined my hearing could degrade so quickly. The fact that this hearing change emerged at the same time that I acquired the Jay's really complicated the process of diagnosing the problem.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it!  


I’ve been dealing with tinnitus for years. Happily, it’s not as severe as some. I wash my ears out with a NeilMed kit every couple months. I found in my case, impacted ear wax to be the main culprit.


So washing your ears out helps? I may have to try that. I have some tinnitus and it seems to get aggravated by loud listening sessions. I avoid them most of the time, but I got exposed to a lot louder than I usually play while listening to some speakers being demoed for me. It wasn't pleasant, and the ear ringing is still coming back down a couple days later.