Cures for Vocal Sibilance?

I've got about 200 hours on my Jay's transport and am experiencing marked vocal sibilance; in fact, it's rendered a few CDs unlistenable.

I've never run nto this issue before.



@stuartk There was absolutely no issue with sibilance with my previous transport and I was not aware of HF being mutedYes.

I can swap out the Jays for its predecessor-- the SimAudio 260DT but I can assure you I wasn't hearing even the slightest hint of sibilance when using the Sim. 

At first you only heard the problem when going to the Jay Transport but now hear the same sibilance with either transport and is getting worse - I would say, most likely, something is going on with or going out in your DAC and the more revealing Jay was just a little quicker to expose the worsening problem.

If you can, try another DAC with both transports and let us know what you find.

Best of luck.......Jim



It's a worsening situation. I'm now hearing sibilance on all vocal recordings, through my standalone DAC and the Hegel's on-board DAC and with the Jay's transport, Sim transport as well as a Jolida CDP used as a transport. 

I'm wondering if it's a failing part in some aspect of the system-- the 17 year old speakers, perhaps. 

Obviously something is changing, and its changing at high rate. So, now either highly sensitized and obsessing, or you got it right, part failing. You really need to get another observer/listener in your room, at least that should help in determining if sibilance is as bad as you say it is. If its really as bad as you say, you need to get amp and/or speakers checked out immediately. If this is part failing, more damage may be caused by continuing to use. You could also take your amp and maybe speakers to a dealer or another audiophiles house to assess situation.


holmz pointed me in the right direction. He suggested I try the car CDP, in order to rule out a hearing issue. Disappointingly, the experiment confirmed it is my hearing but at least now I know what's going on.  

The reason I doubted this possibility from the start was simply the fact that I went from being entirely unaware of sibilance to becoming aware of it and finding it increasingly annoying, in the span of about three weeks. 

I'll get my hearing tested, tomorrow and find out more.