Cumulative Effect of cables question

I recently picked up an Isoclean power cord used which kind of blew my mind. Stereo field is wiiiiiiiide. Channel separation is insane. 



it blooms in the lower midrange/mid bass and it’s a little much. I have been re-tuning my subs to counter act it. I moved the cord from the power amp to the Linestage and it was the same but less (given the ridiculous power supply the Athena has I’m not surprised. Anyway, with it on the Linestage I get most of the width and separation and like half the bloom. 

It’s got me thinking about getting another to put back on the power amp but am admittedly leary about too much bloom. I currently have an Audio Envy Ocean on everything (save the Linestage). So would adding another Isoclean cumulatively bloom with 2 components in the same chain?


That’s the Isoclean cord. It weighs like 8lbs and since I have to crawl back there it’s all a mess right now. 

There is nothing in your system that seems like your mid bass or lower mids should be bloated at all.  I’d say these PCs just aren’t a good fit for your system and adding another will only make it worse.  Try these.  Several members here, including me, have tried LavriCables and everyone has been thrilled.  5N silver at an extremely attractive price, and no bass or mid bloat but still very tonally rich and detailed treble with no etch or glare.  May be a perfect solution and great value.